haofa is the largest suppliers and authority of premium-quality fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape, fiberglass alkali-resistant mesh abrasive mesh sanding screen & other various fiber glass products in china.we have 4 owned manufacturers who specially produce variour fiberglass products.our products have been saled to all of the world, such as: usa, canada,

italy,turkey, germany, australia,
uk .

we may also supply various eloctrolytic manganese metal and


  Hunan Haofa Building Material Co., Ltd.
RM No. 2823-2825, Bldg. No.1, No. 235, Wu Yi Road, Changsha, Hunan,
P.R.China, 410011
Tel: 86-731-84467631/632, Fax: 86-731-84467630
Mobile: 86-13973145217
E-mail: L-h73@163.net or lihao73@hotmail.com
ATTN: Mr.Li Hao./General Manager



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