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E-glass yarns

Properties: high strength,electrical insulation,moist resisting and good chemical resisting.

Applications: They are widely used as an electrical insulation material in the national defence and military industry, and also used in the braiding of sleeve and in the reinforecment of plastics.

Product designation
E: E-glass
C: continuous glass fiber yarn
5.5: filament diameter(μ)
6×2Z: liner density×ply twist way
120: twist twist per meter

product designation

filament diameter



breaking tenacity

twist way

twists per meter
EC5.5-6×2Z120 5.5 2 12.0±1.2 5N Z 120
EC5.5-12×4Z110 5.5 4 48.0±4.8 20N Z 110
EC8-24×4Z110 8 4 96.0±9.6 31N Z 110


Specific twist,filament diameter and ply can be defined by the seller and user through negotiations.





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