1. Using high quality fiberglass and resin as its base materials, the FRP lighting pole is made with patented techniques and in conformity with ANSI C136.20. -1990.

2.The FRP lighting pole could be used as luminary pole, utility pole, flagpole and other applications and has distinctive advantages compared with the traditional material ones, steel pole, aluminum pole, concrete and wood pole.

3 .Structure:
Using non-saturated polyester resin as its basal material and unidirectional fiberglass woven fabrics as its skeleton, the FRP pole is taken shape by centrifugal process and has high axial strength and its content of fiberglass is over 50%. Its external surface is smooth and treated with an environment-tolerant aliphatic polyurethane coating to protect against aging.

4.The main advantages:
1)light in weight:
Because of light in weight, it saves time, manpower and equipment during the installation process. It can be erected by a crew of only two or three people without need for crane or hoist and reduce installation cost.

2)Low in maintenance:
In its service life FRP light pole will not be rusty, not easy to be scrapped and no need to be painted. Its weather-resistance is better than those of wood, aluminum, steel and cement one.

FRP pole would not be deteriorating, rust or mildew in salt air climates and acid or alkali soil.

Its surface could be made very smooth and its color could be coordinated with its using environment. Its surface coating contains anti-ultraviolet matter, which helps to prevent color fading.

The FRP is an insulator to electricity, so the pole is good in safety.


FRP lighting poles are engineered to withstand the specified winds according to the calculation of its wind load conforming to AASHTO LTS-2 1995.Its low temperature performance is exceptional; it will get stronger in extreme cold.

Compared with metal and cement ones, the FRP lighting pole need lower transportation and installation cost and its maintain cost is near zero and has long service life. Therefore the FRP lighting pole comprehensive cost is lower. In the long run, the pole is more economical than wood, metal or cement ones.


a.The exterior surface can be smooth or textured, shall be free of crack, air bubbles, damage, and any exposed surface fibers and be uniformly colored.
b.The FRP lighting pole shall be finished with an ultraviolet-resistant uniform coating equal to the performance characteristics of aliphatic polyurethane.
c.The pole length shall have a tolerance of not exceeding 0.03m per 10m.
d.The bent strength is over 320Mpa.

According to AASHTO LTS.2: 1985, the pole shall not exceed a maximum deflection of 10% of the length of the pole above the ground line when subject to the maximum simulated wind loading and shall not have more than 1% permanent deflection.

6.The specification of the FRP lighting pole

The specification should at least have the following
1). Rod-type:
a. Direct--burial shaft; Direct--burial shaft bent arm (single arm, double arms); Or
b.Anchor-based shaft; Anchor-based shaft bent arm (single arm, double arms).
2). Height: Generally, there are 8m. 8.5m, etc. And at present the highest is 9m;
3). Wall thickness: Generally, there are 8mm and 10mm;
4). Taper;
5). The surface colour;


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